Green Chilli Steakhouse
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Uche of The Lifestyle Gal hosted a few food bloggers for a food tasting at Green Chilli Steakhouse a few weeks ago and it was an amazing experience. I got to meet other creatives and we had a swell time trying out the meals, sharing our thoughts and of course, taking amazing pictures.

Green Chilli Steakhouse


Green Chilli Steakhouse is located at Tatti Plaza, 2nd Avenue, A-close, Kado, Abuja. Same plaza as Pastry Basket.


They have a lovely space with quite a lot of green. I liked the chairs with really long backrests because they give a bit of privacy; I also loved the flower cart placed in the middle which was perfect as a picture prop. It’s a small, cute restaurant and I like how they managed their space to accommodate up to 30 guests on a really packed day.


What we had:

  • Grilled chicken salad
  • Steak salad
  • Grilled tilapia with baked potatoes
  • Jollof rice with fried chicken laps in Ata sauce
  • Chinese noodle pasta
  • Fried rice with Minute steak in gravy sauce
  • Samosa and Spring roll
  • Chapman

We all got a taste of almost everything and my absolute favourite surprisingly, was the baked potatoes. They were well-spiced and literally melted in the mouth. The grilled tilapia and spring roll were very tasty. We all agreed the pepper was too strong for the Jollof rice and the pasta could have been softer. The salads were made with very fresh veggies but the salad dressing had a salty taste.

The major complaint some of us had was the overpowering garlic and ginger flavour from some of the meals, especially the grilled tilpia. Because we had a lot to eat, there was a clash in flavours and they just didn’t work so well together. The Chapman was very sweet and refreshing; easily one of the best i’ve had.

Chapman at Green Chilli Steakhouse


The staff was welcoming and we met the owner of the restaurant who walked us through the meals we had, explaining how they were made and answering a few questions we had. She was also very interested in our opinions and recommendations.

Overall I’d give them a 4-star rating and I think I’ll visit again soon.


For updates on their opening hours, menu and other information about Green Chilli Steakhouse, check out their Instagram page.

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