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I decided to end the year with a review of another themed restaurant in the buj and this time, we’re stepping into a storybook! Sketch Restaurant is Nigeria’s first 2D/ 3D restaurant that opened recently in Abuja. I visited for a tasting alongside Salmah of SalmahXOEats and I’ve been looking forward to sharing this review.


Inside Art Tech District, 7 Hombari street, Wuse 2, Abuja.


Sketch restaurant is designed to look like the inside of a storybook or black and white cartoon. The white walls are covered in detailed black paintings of different characters and other items. True to its theme, the entire restaurant is tastefully furnished with just white tables and chairs traced with black lines that make them look almost unreal.

Their attention to detail can be appreciated in their choice of lamp holders and even how the Air Conditioners were painted. Likewise, the floors were white and the meals were served on black and white plates. They also have a rooftop section that I believe will look really lovely at night. Dining in the restaurant certainly feels like being in a fairytale storybook and it’s a great spot for pictures too.


Unlike what I thought, Sketch restaurant has quite an extensive menu with a decent number of breakfast options, burgers and sandwiches, pasta, noodles, salads and sides. I initially thought it would simply be a coffee and desserts spot.

We had:

  • Chicken Katsu Ramen – ₦8,000
  • Sloppy Joes – ₦5,000
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Dalgona Coffee – ₦3,000

The Sloppy Joes was my favourite! the minced beef was very flavourful and delicious. It was quite messy to eat because it kept falling apart but I didn’t mind it at all. Definitely going back for it because it was too good! The sauteed potatoes that came as a side tasted really good as well though I didn’t like their choice of dip. It would be helpful to ask customers what they prefer.

Salmah pointed out that the noodles were not actual ramen noodles as the dish was made with instant noodles. While I’m not an expert when it comes to ramen, I think it tasted pretty good; it would’ve been even better if the noodles weren’t a little soggy and if there was more of the broth. I also liked the chicken that came with the noodles – a bit crunchy and not too hard on the outside. Now the only thing is people will expect to get actual ramen when they order this dish and the question remains – is it really ramen or just instant noodles?

We had chocolate cake for dessert and it was tasty, a bit dry but not bad at all. I learnt how to make Dalgona coffee during the lockdown last year and since then I’ve been a big fan though I had never had anyone make it for me. I decided to try the one at Sketch and it was so refreshing and tasted really good.


The service at Sketch was pretty good; the waiter and barista were friendly and the food arrived in good time as well. I went in the morning on a weekday so there was no rush, not sure what it would be like in the evenings. We also met the Chef who was happy to get our feedback and talked us through other plans they have for Sketch. I later discovered that they now take pictures of customers and have them paint it while they wait for their meal which I think would be really fun. Hopefully, I get to try that on my next visit.


For opening hours, reservations and other information about Sketch Restaurant Abuja, check out their Instagram page.


  • P

    Abuja restaurants have hacked this themed restaurant ting. Absolutely beautiful & unique place, great review as usual and the dope pictures too!

  • T

    This place looks so unreal, when I first saw the picture, I thought it was an actual sketch until I saw a picture of you in it 😂😂
    I hope I would be able to visit Abuja sometime. The cake crumb actually looks a bit dry, but the icing on it with the coconut flakes (I’m guessing) looks divine.

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