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On a sunny Friday afternoon, I decided to take a break from my usual “work from home” setting so I visited Pastry Basket for a very late breakfast and to work from there as well.

It’s been almost a year since I went back to working from home and it’s been quite an experience. Working from home in Nigeria is a different kind of struggle as there are too many factors that impede productivity.

Pastry basket abuja


Pastry Basket is a cute cafe located at Tatti Plaza, 2nd Avenue, A-close, Kado, Abuja. It’s just in a street off Kado roundabout but the plaza has two sides so your Google maps may confuse you a little but it’s not hard to find.

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I really love the ambience and aesthetics of the cafe. A fine mix of grey and earthy tones and a pop of green from plants placed in really beautiful pots and on the walls, and some frames with quirky quotes.

Aesthetic decor at pastry basket

Absolutely love the wood design where they have the cafe’s name boldly placed and the marble tabletops, their choice of chair placements is perfect given the size of their space and God bless whoever picked out their light bulb holders – so chic! Everything just works so well.

Fancy light bulb holder


Honestly, I can go on about how much I love this space let’s talk food now. Even though this was my first time eating at the cafe, I have been getting pastries from Pastry Basket since last year.

So far, I’ve tried their doughnuts (jam and Nutella), cinnamon rolls, and danish pie. I posted a concise review on my Instagram.

What I ordered:

  • Tuna Melt Panini – ₦1100
  • Chocolate Milkshake – ₦1500
  • Cinnamon Roll – ₦500
  • Danish Pie – ₦500
chocolate milkshake at pastry basket

This time I decided to try their Tuna melt panini and a chocolate milkshake. I loved the milkshake, not as rich in taste compared to others I’ve had but it was good. The filling of the sandwich was delicious and almost perfect, but the bread was a little too hard. I still finished though, lol, because like I said, it was delicious.


The waiter that attended to me was very friendly and even tried teaching me a few poses when I asked her to take pictures of me. They weren’t great but the willingness was everything for me honestly.

pastry basket interior

My food was ready in about twenty minutes or less. I would’ve complained if it took longer because I only ordered a sandwich and a drink. I later ordered the cinnamon roll and danish pie to go when I was leaving and they were packaged in nice branded paper bags. Overall I’d give them a 4 star rating. It was a really great experience for me.

takeaway packs from pastry basket


You can check out their Instagram page for opening hours and menu.


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