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I recently had a private dining experience at The Six by Lovitoz courtesy of The Abuja Food Tour and it is one of my favourite dining experiences so far. I have always wanted to visit them after seeing a number of pictures on Instagram and it was nothing short of all I hoped for. Dining at The Six by Lovitoz is strictly by reservations and it is fully customisable to suit your needs.


23 M.L. Wushishi St, Mabushi, Abuja. They do not have any signage by the road so it’s best to use google maps or call the reception for directions.

Watch Video here


Initially, The Six by Lovitoz, as the name implies could only host up to six (6) guests at a time. I really love the privacy, intimacy and exclusivity it provided. They recently moved to a new location and have also increased their seating capacity up to eighteen (18) people at a time because they now have three new dining rooms.

The classic room (Funkyz) can accommodate one to six (1 -6) guests at a time. It features an open kitchen space with a Teppanyaki grill, six chairs and warm lights that light up the room nicely. The smart room (Jaxyz) which was my favourite can accommodate one to six (1-6) guests at a time. It features a beautiful ceiling that lights up like the night sky, so beautiful, a huge smart tv and a tablet that controls everything in the room including the tint of the glasses.

The Lovitoz room is the biggest and can host up to eighteen guests. It features a really long table and a wall cabinet that will hold a variety of wines from across the globe. I love how all the rooms have something unique to offer.


We weren’t presented with a menu at the tasting because the chef had a number of dishes for us to try. However, their menu can be found on their Instagram page which I will link at the end of this post.

food at the six by lovitoz

We had:

  • BBQ Beef Ribs
  • Fried Plantain
  • Chicken Kebab
  • Peri Peri Rice
  • Fried Rice
  • Cheesy Creamy Chicken Pasta
  • Grilled Chicken with Fries
  • Banana Bread and Ice Cream
  • Chapman

We had a lot to eat and my absolute favourite was the beef ribs. It was really juicy and tender that it fell off the bone so easily. Pairing it with golden brown fried plantain really complimented the sweet taste of the ribs. The Peri Peri rice had a noticeable smoky flavour which I liked but it needed a bit of chilli spice to make it the perfect dish. Serving it with a chilli sauce would’ve come in really handy, though we all agreed some people may enjoy it just as it was. It is an original recipe by The Six and it would really be a crowd favourite if perfected.

The fried rice and chicken kebab had more seasoning and tasted really good. The chicken kebab came with some veggies all well arranged on a hanging kebab skewer stand. This gave the whole presentation a sophisticated look. My second favourite dish was the Cheesy Creamy Chicken Pasta. It had a delightful cheese pull which can only be appreciated in a video so watch out for that on my Instagram or Youtube. It was a very creamy and flavourful dish with bits of bacon, veggies and chicken.


The dessert was sweet banana bread slices paired nicely with some vanilla ice cream and trickles of chocolate and strawberry syrup. This was a perfect way to end our dining experience. We were quite full but you know what they say – there’s always room for dessert!

banana bread and ice cream


The Six by Lovitoz offers a fully customisable and personalised service which means you decide how you want your dining experience to be right from when you initiate the reservation process. I felt really welcomed from the moment I stepped into their premises. Our waiter was very patient and helpful in providing information about the different rooms.

I’m really tempted to give them my first 5-star rating but overall, it was a strong 4.5-star. Everything about my experience was so perfect that I’m already planning my next visit.


For updates on their opening hours, menu, reservations and other information about The Six by Lovitoz, check out their Instagram page or website.


  • Tariemi Ebimoghan

    This space. It’s exactly as you described and more. the smart room beautiful and the food was as great.
    A couple of my best girls treated me there some weeks ago and it was an amazing experience❤️.. So amazing that I had to go back again. The ribs were an absolute delight😊 And I love the fact that the menu is customizable.
    Thank you for always sharing gems Goodie.
    Good job as always👏🏼👏🏼

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