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I recently paid another visit to Lagos and the search for chow on a rainy day led my friend, Dise and me to the popular Ofadaboy spot in Surulere, Lagos.


Tucked away in a quiet street, Ofadaboy is located at 1 Mba Street, Surulere, Lagos. It’s easy to miss the entrance as there’s no major sign outside, however, Google map is quite accurate.


I loved the Afrocentric theme they had going on which could be seen in the waiter’s outfits, the decor and how the dishes were served. The indoor space is not so big and I’m not sure they did a good job managing it. if I visit again, I’d rather sit outside because the indoor area got so noisy when there was just a little crowd. It was almost like everyone could hear conversations from other tables clearly.


We had:

  • Seafood Ofada – ₦5850
  • Ofada premium – ₦3350
  • Keg of palm wine – ₦1500

We were particularly excited about the palm wine for some reason! it was not sour at all, unlike some others I’ve tried. Packed with calamari, bits of fish, shrimps, diced plantain and a jumbo snail, the seafood ofada was a whole meal! Everything tasted good, especially paired with the ofada sauce. Dise had the seafood premium which had the ofada rice and sauce, beef, assorted meat, egg, plantain and moi-moi. Certainly, one noticeable thing about the meals was the portions – we both agreed that we got our money’s worth.


This was the low point of our visit. The waiters disappeared so often that we pretty much abused the bell we found on our table trying to get their attention. The food took a while to come and getting the bill took forever.

Overall I’d give them a 3-star rating and I might visit whenever I’m in Lagos again.


For updates on their opening hours, menu and other information about 355 Restaurant and Lounge Ikeja, check out their Instagram page.

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