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Whenever there is a new spot in the buj, everyone scrambles to visit especially when it has some kind of unique concept. Kapadoccia Restaurant Abuja popularly referred to as The Cave Restaurant is no different; it is a beautiful cave-style restaurant.

My friend hosted a few of us for her birthday dinner here so I thought it was a good opportunity to share my thoughts about the place. Getting great pictures of the space was a major struggle because they had quite a number of guests but I got just enough to put this review together (will probably update this post if I visit again).


Kapadoccia restaurant is located at 2 Kinda street, Wuse 2, Abuja. For now, entry is strictly by reservations so ensure you call before visiting.


The builders and interior decor team totally understood the assignment for this restaurant. Eating there feels like dining inside a cave. Loved their choice of cool music and lanterns for lights – there weren’t too bright but surprisingly bright enough to take good pictures.

I wasn’t too comfortable with the seating arrangements, the tables were a little too close together. It’s very easy to bump into someone just trying to get up from your seat.

Interior kapadoccia restaurant abuja


Every table had the menu QR code so we just had to scan to get the menu on our phones. It had a variety of mains, a few starters and desserts. If you don’t eat out often or just don’t like experimenting with food, you’ll definitely study the menu a little too hard to pick out a dish.

food at kapadoccia restaurant abuja

What we ordered:

  • Braised Beef Lasagna – ₦5,500
  • Giwanruwa Fish, Tomato Relish, Lettuce, Pepper Sauce and Potato Wedges – ₦7,500
  • Beef Steak Fillet, Choice of Mushroom and Spicy Rice – ₦8,500
  • A Bottle of Lafilou Sweet Wine – ₦15,000
lasagna at kapadoccia restaurant abuja
Braised Beef, Lasagna
Beef Steak Fillet, Choice of Mushroom and Spicy Rice at kapadoccia restaurant abuja
Beef Steak Fillet, Choice of Mushroom and Spicy Rice

We were five so the order seemed like a lot but our food was ready in about 40 – 45 minutes. The waiter started serving our food while we were still trying to take pictures. Unfortunately, I can only talk about my food but no one had any complaints about their food.

Giwanruwa Fish, Tomato Relish, Lettuce, Pepper Sauce and Potato Wedges

I had the Giwanruwa Fish, Tomato Relish, Lettuce, Pepper Sauce and Potato Wedges and I loved it – perfectly baked and well-spiced potatoes. I also loved the fish – properly cooked and quite tasty. They could do better with the pepper sauce though, it wasn’t very nice paired with the fish.


The staff were generally warm and all smiles right from the entrance. The waiter was very friendly and patient, he took time to answer some questions we had about the dishes and also recommended a few for us to try. The lady who booked our reservation forgot to tell us the reservations can only last for two hours, so there was a bit of a rush when it was time for payments, which was quite upsetting, to be honest.

entrance of kapadoccia restaurant abuja

When the restaurant opened newly, there were a few complaints about their portions so I had really lowered my expectations but they had reviewed their menu as at when we visited so the portions have definitely improved and they added a few more side dishes to the mains, which makes it more filling.

Overall I’d give them a 4-star rating and I think I’ll visit again hopefully on a day with a few to no guests.


For opening hours and other information about Kapadoccia restaurant, check out their Instagram page.


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