Airplane theme decoration at Urban Air restaurant Abuja
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Urban Air restaurant is the first airplane themed restaurant in Abuja or as I like to call it – The Buj. I was there for their opening/ tasting party but I couldn’t vlog or take pictures because of the crowd so I had to visit again. One thing you should know about the people in Abuja is that they like to visit restaurants as soon as they open for business so I kinda anticipated the crowd.

This was my first solo dine in experience since the lockdown in Nigeria because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It felt really good to leave the house and even better that I went to a new place. The last time I went out to relax was when I visited Whytescape Apartments in March.


16 Ademola Adetokunbo crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria

I think the location is kinda lowkey. It’s on the second floor of Obum Plaza, between UBA bank and DStv office. Another good landmark is Transcorp Hilton. From the outside of the building, you’d have no idea there’s a lovely place like this. I think they should work on a signage that’ll be placed outside soon.

seating arrangement


I love everything about Urban Air restaurant. From the seating arrangement to the colours of chairs, the airplane theme, the music and the lights. As you can see from my pictures, the lights are perfect for pictures but also not too bright to make you feel uncomfortable.

seating arrangement for four
seating arrangement for two

The seats were really comfortable, arranged to easily accommodate a group of four, two and up to ten. I also loved the frames with quirky food quotes on the walls. There’s actually something interesting to see everywhere you turn.

Seating arrangement
cockpit wallpaper at urban air restaurant
Cockpit or wallpaper? Lol
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The menu had mostly meal combos and platters. Just like their sister brand, Urban Loft, the menu at Urban Air had some interesting foods and cocktails.

What I ordered:

  • Banga rice (rice cooked in palm fruit extract, special local spices, scent leaves, goat bits) – ₦2500
  • Glass of sweet red wine – ₦1500
  • Bottle of water – ₦300
Banga rice meal at Urban Air restaurant
Glass of wine at urban air restaurant

I really enjoyed the Banga rice though the pepper was a little too much for me but that’s because I don’t consume a lot of peppers on a normal day. The rice had this local spice scent and taste that I really liked. There were bits of goat meat which I think they were quite generous with as you get a bit with almost every spoonful of rice. I had the wine at the opening/ tasting party and I just had to have it again. It’s a really sweet and fruity red wine which was a perfect pair with the rice. It is very tender in the mouth and it takes a while for the alcohol to kick in if your tolerance is a bit high.


I really can’t say anything bad about the service I received. The waiters were really receptive and the one that attended to me, Jonathan, helped me to take pictures and even videos and he was so willing every time I asked. I also met the manager and she was so welcoming. She came to me a few times to find out if I was having a good time. Honestly, it was all smiles and laughter throughout the time I spent there.

I was given this complimentary box which had a juice pack and some sweets. This reminded of the normal flying days because this is exactly how the snack boxes looked. Another well thought out detail by the owners. I could go on about the things I loved about Urban Air restAurant but how about you visit and see for yourself!

Picture of me sitting pretty at Urban Air restaurant

Overall, I rate my experience a 9/10. I honestly can’t find any reason to hate. It was a lovely and different experience that I totally loved.

What do you think about Urban Air restaurant? Have you visited already? No? Would you like to visit soon? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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