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I decided to share more restaurants currently offering takeout and deliveries in Abuja after my last post so yeah, I’m back with another review! I ordered food from The Colony by Chef Taylor a few weeks ago and glad to say I wasn’t disappointed.

First of all, if you’re one of those people who have dismissed Coronavirus and thrown caution to the wind, PLEASE I beg you to continue wearing your face masks, washing your hands regularly, using hand sanitizers and maintaining social distancing in public. The virus is still very much out there so we all need to be careful.

Back to the review. So I’ve been to The Colony by Chef Taylor once and I really liked their space. They have an outdoor and indoor seating area, minimal decor with a touch of Ankara print designs.


I liked the simplicity of their packaging. My food came in this branded white bag that had their phone number, Instagram username, and address. The bag is quite firm so it’s easily reusable.

Packaging bag

Inside the bag was a sealed box that contained my food and the cute “Cocktails on the go” pouch that had my mocktail. I really liked the juice pouch idea because there’s little to no chance of spillage in transit which is a major issue with cups.


What I ordered:

  • Spin Rice – ₦2800
  • Mocktail (mint and ginger dream) – ₦1000
Picture of cocktails on the go from The Colony by Chef Taylor

The spin rice is a must-have whenever you visit or order from The Colony by Chef Taylor. It’s basically local or native rice served with either chicken, goat meat or beef. The first time I tried it, I got it with chicken so this time I opted for goat meat. When I tell you that was the best choice! The entire meal was delicious and the goat meat was marinated in a special sauce that made it really tasty! The mocktail was a bit off for me. Not sure if it was because I had never tried the ginger and mint mix before or that the ginger taste was a bit too concentrated. The taste wasn’t bad or anything, just not a familiar one. I still enjoyed it because it was chilled.


My food came through a delivery company and took less than two hours from the time I placed my order. The delivery fee was ₦700 from Wuse2 to Lifecamp which is very fair.


The service I received was pretty good. I placed my order with Chef Taylor himself and even though they actually opened at 12 pm, he took my order when i called before then. The follow up for payment and delivery was also very smooth.

Packaging bag from The Colony by Chef Taylor

Overall I’ll rate my experience 8/10 and I’ll definitely be getting food from them again. You can find them on Instagram – @thecolony.ng

Have you ordered from The Colony by Chef Taylor? What was your experience like? If you haven’t, will you like to try? Let me know in the comment section!

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