Cilantro - Zuma Rock Resort
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I made a trip to Zuma Rock Resort a few weeks ago and I had a swell time. I shared my experience and some useful information about the resort on my Instagram. Cilantro – Zuma Rock Resort is the same Cilantro restaurant you’d find in Abuja, Lagos and Kano. It is an inspired Indian Pan Asian restaurant.


It is located inside the Zuma Rock Resort at A2 Daura Road, KM6 Abuja-Kaduna Expressway, Zuma Rock, Niger state, Nigeria.

Cilantro - Zuma Rock Resort


There wasn’t much to the space and ambience of the restaurant, it was simply functional and you also get a view of the swimming pool and Zuma rock while eating. The arrangement of their chairs had this home-style dining feel to it. They were arranged to accommodate small to large crowds (2 – 16).


The menu didn’t have as many options as the one in town but it was a mix of the staple Indian delicacies and Nigerian meals.

What I had:

  • Tandoori Chicken – ₦3,500
  • Chicken Biryani – ₦5,000
  • Naan Cheese – ₦1,000
  • Chapman
food at Cilantro - Zuma Rock Resort

My favourite was the Naan cheese followed by the Tandoori chicken which was very rich in taste. I didn’t really enjoy the Chicken Biryani. It’s a mixed rice dish made with Indian spices and bits of chicken. A strong smell from one of the spices used didn’t allow me to enjoy the meal. The rice on its own wasn’t very tasty but the sauce it was served with boosted it a little bit.


Everyone at the restaurant was very friendly and the waiter was very helpful in explaining the different Indian meals. My drink arrived almost immediately after I placed my order. The food arrived in about forty minutes only because I added the Tandoori Chicken to my order at a later time.

cilantro -zuma rock resort

Overall, I give them a 3.5 -star rating for good service and food. I think the space could look better.


Cilantro – Zuma Rock Resort doesn’t have it’s own social media pages but you can check out Cilantro Abuja to see an extensive menu and other information.

Pool side cilantro - zuma rock resort

Zuma Rock Resort

Zuma Rock Resort is the ideal location for your next vacation because it’s absolutely beautiful and has a very serene environment.

I didn’t get to stay at the resort but I got a detailed tour and here’s what Zuma Rock Resort has to offer:

  • A variety of rooms starting from ₦35,000 to ₦200,000 (a 3 bedroom penthouse). I only got to see one of the rooms because the rest were occupied. Booking ahead is highly recommended.
  • A swimming pool that is open to both guests at the resort and the public.
  • An amazing view of Zuma Rock when you get a resort pass. It gives you access to the gazebos, clubhouse and the foot of the mountain.
  • A golf course.
  • Beautiful, green landscape with bicycles and horses. Horse rides are only open to kids at the moment. Cycling costs ₦2,000 for 30 minutes.
  • Keke to take you around the resort for free.

I was given an extensive tour of the facility and I hope to visit again for a mini staycation soon.

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