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The wave of change that came with the Coronavirus pandemic forced a lot of restaurants to close their doors to people like me who appreciate restaurant hopping while some have resorted to just takeout and deliveries. The Food Factory is a new spot on the block belonging to the second category.


This is one of the things I’d say this brand has perfected so far. My food came in a nice yellow paper bag with the brand’s name, logo and other information.

Fries and wings were in a branded box and the mini shawarma wrapped neatly with a branded paper. Seeing the package, it’s easy to assume that they pay attention to details and have got their shit together, right? Continue reading to find out if that assumption is true.


What I ordered:

  • Chicken wings and fries – ₦1500
  • Mini chicken shawarma- ₦600

I enjoyed the mini shawarma and wished I got the bigger size. Usually, I like my shawarma quite creamy and this had just the right amount of cream. The chicken wings were really tasty even though they were kind of dry. I think they could be more generous with their sauce.

I was really disappointed when I opened the box and saw the quantity of fries and two sachets of ketchup. It made eating harder and also really messy because I didn’t fancy the hard work that was squeezing the sachets to get ketchup on my fries.


Everything has been slow this period which I totally understand but is not a good enough reason for me to order a meal by 12:51 pm and get it delivered almost 4 pm. I would’ve sent the food back if I had not paid already. They can really do better because three hours is a lot of time to wait for fast food. The delivery was free as at when I ordered.

Picture of The Factory mini shawarma


Whenever I think of my customer service experience with most Abuja restaurants, I’m reminded of how patient I can be because I’m still in a love-hate relationship with most of them.

Anyway to the reason why we’re here, the service I got from The Food Factory was very poor. It was easy to reach them to place my order but almost impossible during my three-hour wait and when someone finally responded, his tone was very off-putting and irritating. Just like I expected, he was quick to blame it on the delivery company with no apology in sight.

Picture of my customised GoodiesCorner pillow and opened The Food Factory package

Overall I’ll rate my experience 4/10 and I really don’t think I’ll get food from them again. I’ve tried to write this post a number of times but I always find something else to distract me because I really don’t like talking about places with bad food or service but I felt keeping it to myself will be a disservice to you.


So one of the partners at The Food Factory saw this review and reached out to me. He was very professional in addressing the bad service I received, apologised for all the other things I complained about and even offered to send me another box of my exact order. This time my ketchup came in the regular mini cups. He also mentioned they had gotten more delivery bikes and issues of late delivery will be sorted.

I haven’t ordered from them again but I have seen better reviews from others so I want to believe they’ve improved. Just thought to add this update so you can decide if you want to try it for yourself. Again, this wasn’t sponsored, just me updating you guys.

Have you ordered from The Food Factory? What’s your verdict? If you haven’t, will you like to try? Also, will you be interested in seeing more spots offering takeout and deliveries in Abuja? Let me know in the comment section!

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Thanks for reading. Stay Safe!


  • Tariemi Ebimoghan

    First off, why are they counting fries?? 😭😭
    Nigerians and shifting responsibility.
    Sorry about your experience but thank you for your service😂. At least we can say “I told you so” to anyone who patronizes them going forward and has a similar experience.
    Hopefully the owners get to know about this and changethe narrative.
    Good job and glad to have you back ❤️

    • goodiescorner

      Lol, same question on my mind! I look forward to seeing more reviews and yeah, hopefully, they’ll be better. Feels good to be back! Thank you

    • goodiescorner

      Lol! Guess they call it being constructive. Not even waiting for the apology but they need to change for their own good. Thanks for reading!

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