De bull restaurant and bar
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De Bull Restaurant and Bar is a picturesque restaurant located at Legend Hotel Lagos International Airport, Curio Collection by Hilton. Please when you visit, go with your full ‘rich aunty/ uncle vibe’ because there’s nothing casual about this place.

So this is my very first Lagos restaurant review. I believe there’ll be more as I’m here for a few more days and I plan to do a lot of hopping.


I really loved the interior – very minimal and elegant. There were lots of grey tones and beautiful lights. The most beautiful thing about this place and probably what attracts a lot of people is the stunning view of the airfield. It was very clean and the music set a very calm and relaxing mood.


De Bull restaurant and bar offers a range of intercontinental and Nigerian dishes. We got access to the menu on our phones by scanning the contactless menu placed on every table.

contactless menu at de bull restaurant and bar

What we ordered:

  • Creamy prawn pasta – ₦7500
  • Grilled chicken burger – ₦6500
  • 2 chocolate milkshake – ₦5000
burger at de bull restaurant and bar lagos
burger at de bull restaurant
creamy prawn pasta at de bull restaurant and bar

I didn’t enjoy my food. The chicken in my burger was bland; no spice or flavour at all. I wonder if that is just how they make their meals because my date had the same issue with the pasta. They had to bring extra sauce before he could eat his meal. My fries were also a little too dry; I actually bruised the roof of my mouth while eating (I can’t make this up). It’s quite disappointing how they could go wrong with burger and fries. I’ve never had a more tasteless burger. I could only eat it because the buns were really soft. The chocolate milkshake on the other hand was perfect.

I’m not quite sure if it was an oversight but there were no extra charges in our bill. We paid the exact amount for our meal – no VAT or service charges.


The service here is impeccable. Happy and welcoming staff constantly checking in to see if we needed anything. The waiter had a good knowledge of the menu and was very responsive to requests. Overall, our experience was 5/10. Ambience and service were great but what’s a restaurant without great food?

I can’t say I will be going back there considering I don’t even stay in Lagos and my first experience wasn’t great.

Would you be visiting De Bull Restaurant and Bar soon? Have you visited already? Please share your experience in the comment section.


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