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Do you guys remember Sarah from my last post? Well, we decided to check out one last spot before she left Abuja and it was a fun day at The Pavilion.

The Pavilion is a cafe and bar at the Atelier Hotel, a luxurious micro-hotel perfect for a staycation. I’ve seen really nice pictures of their rooms on Instagram, unfortunately, I didn’t check them out when I visited. They also have an art gallery called Retro Africa.


The Pavilion is located at 12 Ukpabi Asoka Street, Abuja, Nigeria


The one thing that really got my attention the first time I came across the restaurant’s Instagram page was the beautiful artwork on the wall.

I really liked the seating arrangement. It’s an outdoor space so it gives a very relaxed feeling. It’s perfect for casual and group outings, a few board games and you’re set to have a swell time.


What we ordered: 

  • BBQ wings- N1,200
  • Frozen Ginger Hurricane- N1,200
  • Atelier View signature cocktail- N2,800
  • Two portions of Jollof rice- N1,600
  • Two bottles of water- N900
  • Asun Ribs- 2500
BBQ Wings
Asun Ribs

The BBQ wings were really spicy and sweet, we almost got a second plate. According to Sarah, there was nothing ”hurricane” about the frozen ginger hurricane. It tasted like plain sieved ginger juice. I ordered it because the waiter said it’ll taste like ginger beer (which I really love) but I can confidently tell you that was plain ginger drink.


6/10- The waiter was quite friendly even though he didn’t seem conversant with the menu. Normally when I visit a new restaurant I like to be informed about the contents of different meals before I order. The food took a while to come but the waiter was kind enough to get us complimentary chips that tasted really good.

Retro Africa

Retro Africa is a contemporary art gallery where emerging and established artists display their works. Entry is totally free and visitors are allowed to take pictures with the beautiful artworks on display. We spent quite some time taking pictures and looking at the artworks.

A closer look at one of the pieces revealed that it was made with charcoal, tyre and other upcycled materials like biscuit wraps.

I really enjoyed my time there and I’ll definitely be going back. Overall, I’ll rate my experience 8/10.

Have you been to the Pavilion? Please share your experience in the comment section.

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