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I’ve been in my hometown, Yenagoa for the holidays and I decided to play “Tourist” in my city alongside my siblings. We visited Blozzom’s Bistro, a salad bar and cafe.


Along Old Assembly Quarters Road, Off Azikoro street, Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.


At first, I was a little underwhelmed by the size of the place only because I had a picture of a bigger space in my head. On getting in, I realized it actually wasn’t bad at all as space was well managed.

There were seating arrangements for both small and large groups. The decor was quite minimal with beautiful flowers here and there to add a little bit of colour.

They also had a lot of “picture worthy” spots. From the Instagram pictures I saw before visiting, the Keke and umbrella decor outside seem to be everyone’s favourite spot for pictures.


The Menu has a mixture of Cocktails, Mocktails and Food, though we had more options for drinks than food. I already had it in mind that I’ll try their Parfait but unfortunately, it wasn’t available and we got the same response for some other things we requested.

We ordered:

  • Potato Fries – N2000
  • Coffee Milkshake – N1500
  • Banana Milkshake – N1500

The coffee shake was recommended by the waiter and I definitely recommend it too! I had talked about trying out cold coffee a few days ago on my Instagram and I think this was a good way to start. My sister loved the Banana milkshake and fries too.


Honestly, I didn’t like the service. The staff were a bit slow and all over the place. We didn’t have a designated waiter or we just couldn’t find the one attending to us most of the time so we had to repeat our order or try to remind someone else to check on the order.

Overall, I rate my experience 6/10 and I might visit again whenever I’m in Yenagoa. I think the owner has a great vision and they are already executing it the best way possible. It was really nice being in a beautiful space like that in my own town!

Would you be visiting Blozzom’s Bistro soon? Have you visited already? Please share your experience in the comment section.

Thank you for reading🖤


  • Blessing Etifa

    Thank you so much for this feedback, we are glad you love our Food and drinks we promise to work better on our service this year🙏

  • Tari

    How can you review the place after I’ve left Yenagoa? Such a sly. (Side eye)

    It’s really nice to see Bayelsans evolving. I like that they really went all on the decor and aesthetics.
    Very questionable customer service but I’ll definitely give it a visit when next I’m in town.

    There’s nothing more annoying in a restaurant than when half their menu is unavailable 🙄.

    Goodie come and give me photography lessons o 👏🏾. Pictures are dope..

    • goodiescorner

      Aww I’m so sorry it came a bit late for you. I believe they’ll improve in those areas soon enough. I’m back in town so photography lessons can start😁 Thank you very much for your feedback 🖤

  • Oliver

    I love the fact that they were able to maximize their space but sometimes it feels like you’re being choked in there. Their service isn’t particularly excellent and you can wait for like forever before you would be attended to. I guess the are improving on that already.

    If you live for the gram, Blossom Bistro is the place to be.

    • goodiescorner

      I definitely agree with you on the use of their space and the aesthetics. Pretty sure with these feedback, they’ll do better in customer service.

  • dennis

    good evening, please our wedding anniversary is tomorrow and i wanted to surprise my wife with some flowers wine and a good meal, am currently at work and would like to know what its gonna cost me

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