I always get really excited whenever we enter the month of March because it’s my birth month and my second favorite month. I’ll be turning twenty three (23) on the 14th and I have come up with twelve (12) things I’d like to do before then.

Whilst I’m doing this for the fun of it and trying to “live a little”, I’m also challenging myself to be open to new ideas and experiences because that is the only way I can create new memories. Lately I’ve been thinking about how I’m gradually getting old and growing up, I never envisaged a boring life for myself. I’ve always considered myself an active member of the “BGG- Baby Girl Gang” and Ministry of Enjoyment so I’m always ready to have fun.

My parents especially my mom always taught us to live life to the fullest. She’ll always say:

What is Life that makes you feel Lonely?

Whenever I hear her say that, I just remember that no problem is a destination but a phase that would definitely pass.

Now let’s get straight into the twelve things I want to do before I turn twenty three.

  1. Get a Tattoo
  2. Volunteer for a cause
  3. Sing at a Karaoke Bar
  4. Wear colored hair
  5. Go to the movies alone
  6. Try a new dish
  7. Get a full body massage
  8. Go on a solo trip
  9. Take a day off social media
  10. Go Kayaking
  11. Learn how to make a new dish or drink
  12. Meet atleast three of my online friends in person

I have exactly twelve days to cross atleast one item off my list. I’ll be documenting them and I might share on my insta stories before I make a full post. Wish me luck guys!

Which numbers do you think I’ll pull off easily and which can you bet I won’t do? Let’s have some fun in the comment section

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