I can easily say this was one of my best birthday celebrations. I’ve never really been one to host a party so all I do on my birthday is spoil myself and expect presents ofcourse.

For the first time I got presents from my birthday wishlist. Like my friends actually listened to me and surprised me! Honestly, I’m surrounded by the sweetest people and what warmed my heart the most was the obvious thoughtfulness that went into getting me those presents.

I posted an unboxing video of my presents on my IGTV so if you haven’t seen it already, check it out here.

Bucket List Review

I had fun trying to do all the things on my list but I wasn’t able to do all of them because life happened and I later realized that I wasn’t ready for some adventures.

So first, let’s have a quick look at the list once again to see the items I crossed out:

  1. Get a Tattoo
  2. Volunteer for a cause
  3. Sing at a karaoke bar
  4. Wear colored hair
  5. Go to the movies alone
  6. Try a new dish
  7. Get a full body massage
  8. Go on a solo trip
  9. Take a day off social media
  10. Go kayaking
  11. Learn how to make a new dish
  12. Meet Atleast three of my online friends

Volunteer for a cause

I volunteered to join “We Just Came to Give: The Donation Drive”- a team of young, vibrant youths trying to help the kids in two missionary charities in the outskirts of Abuja – Anawim Homes and Christ Treasured Royal Orphanage. We’re currently receiving donations and will be visiting them at the end of the month.

Wear Colored Hair

So this was almost an epic fail. I’m very scared of dyeing my natural hair so I decided to dye one of my old wigs. I opted for Red color but the color didn’t come out as bright as I wanted. I got lots of compliments when I wore it out though so I guess it wasn’t a fail after all. I’ll post a video of the entire process on my Instagram soon.

Go to the movies alone 

This was pretty easy to achieve. I chose to go to the cinema on a weekday to avoid a crowded hall and I saw the movie “What Men Want”.

Try a new dish

It’s funny how I eat out a lot yet I always fail to try a new meal. I tried the Kung Pao Chicken at Honey Abuja and I absolutely loved it. So it’s a mix of spicy chicken and peanuts with large peppers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get good pictures of it.

Get a full body massage

This was my favorite of all the things I did on my list. I had a spa appointment a day to my birthday at LizAffair Beauty Spa. This was my first spa trip and I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I did call to confirm they had a female masseuse present for my appointment (this is gist for another day). I had the relaxation massage which I really enjoyed except for the fact that I am very ticklish so I couldn’t stay still most of the time. I bet the lady would’ve loved to just tie me down. *lmao*

Go Kayaking

Guys! I never knew kayaking could be so much fun. I visited Kayak Abuja with my friend Eva who agreed to try kayaking for the first time too (more like I dragged her there). It was all fun and games until she asked if I’ve seen the movie “Anaconda” while we were at the middle of nowhere with our amateur rowing skills. We actually got out of the water before our one hour elapsed. Watch the video here

Meet Atleast three of my online friends

This was supposed to be quite easy as I haven’t met a lot of people in Abuja but I only got to meet two people. I met Fisayo of at my ICAN lecture center and coincidentally we are in the same class. Our meeting wasn’t planned at all, we just happened to get lunch from the same place during one of our breaks and we got talking. I also met the sweetheart in the picture above. Her name is Cece and she’s a Beauty and Lifestyle Creative on Instagram. We actually planned a proper date and I just loved how our crazies match. We literally started taking pictures after our first hug #photobestie. Oh and we had matching outfits totally unplanned.

I think I should still go ahead and do the rest and maybe even add more because I had fun doing this. Hope you enjoyed reading and please subscribe, like, comment and share.

Have you ever made a bucket list? If yes, how did it go?


    • goodiescorner

      Lol, I’m sure there are things you haven’t done that you’d like to try sometime. Just think about those things and put them in a list. Hope you make one soon. Thanks for reading 🖤

  • Amaka

    Lmao I thought you’d get the tattoo, I was about to go all African parent on you. Gosh your friends really love you, don’t even remember when last I got presents. The black skincare products look so sexy! Glad to hear your birthday went well and also I think it’s awesome to have an open mind when it comes to food, unless you’re completely suspicious of the place it won’t kill to try a new dish. I’ve tried some interesting drinks and dishes thanks to changing my mindset a bit – after all there’s always rice at home. Cheers to more adventures!

    • goodiescorner

      Lol the thought of my parents’ reaction couldn’t even let me get it. I’m always scared of experimenting with food but yeah I’ll try to keep an open mind.
      Thanks for reading 🖤

  • Onome Joseph

    You did a great deal. I too wan to create a bucket list but meh! I don’t trust myself. I knew getting a tattoo wouldn’t be so easy lol. I love them too but I’m not ready to get on someone’s black book lol.

    • goodiescorner

      I sure did! Apparently, everyone was looking forward to that. The main problem is that I’m scared of needles but Soon, maybe 😁

  • Joyner

    First of all, this is such a good read, secondly I am so glad you didn’t get the tattoo, I love the hair very much and about trying new meals I’d say be more adventurous with it, I mean what’s the worse that could literally happen? You don’t like it and you never have to try it again or highest you purge, lol but if you do like it; you’d find that you’ve opened your mind and palate to a whole other new world of experiencing great taste. Well done baby girl.

  • DJ Melvyn

    This was an awesome read, I’m glad you were able to achieve almost everything on your bucketlist.
    Ps: I noticed “this is gist for another day” somewhere in the write up . When is that day? 😏

    • goodiescorner

      Omg! lol. That’s the one you’ll see. Well if you must know that day is coming very soon, can’t say when exactly. Glad you enjoyed reading.

  • Cece

    I totally enjoyed reading this. I remember meeting you for our date. One of the highlights of the month. Also Meeting you totally made me want to meet more of my online friends. 😃

  • Alice

    Except you’re really into tattoos, I suggest to not bother really… If you are, stick with something very small and cute and also very meaningful… I’ve had my tattoos for almost 10 years and I am actually tired of them (outgrown them) and I want to laser them off to get something really small (almost invisible).

    Oh, and I’m happy you did so much in such little time.. I’ve drawn bucket lists that I am still staring at.. So, this is an inspiration

    • goodiescorner

      Yay! I can’t wait to see your list.
      I find tattoos cute but my fear of needles is the number one thing stopping me. So I guess I’m not that into it after all. Lol
      Thanks for reading 🖤

  • Adedamola

    Now I’m inspired to create a bucket list *smiles* I think you should go ahead and do all thats left on your list. Come to think of it I have a vision board that has most of new adventures I’ll like to try out this year. Thank you for sharing.

    • goodiescorner

      I think you should totally do it. I’ll try to do the rest, really looking forward to my solo trip.
      Thanks for reading 🖤

  • Debs

    I’ve never really created a bucket list but now I’m super inspired by yours to create one. And I’m so excited in advance about it 💃🏻💃🏻

  • Tari

    Aww, I’m pleasantly surprised by how many things you ticked off the list. Welldone!
    The kayaking looks interesting, i should try it out sometime. Oh and i’m also very ticklish lol. I have various bucket lists for different things. You should still work at ticking off the rest of the items. I thought the one sure thing you’ll do is learn a new dish.

    • goodiescorner

      Well, I still plan to learn how to make one. You should start crossing items off your lists too. Thanks for reading 🖤

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