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When I was planning my trip to Tarkwa Bay with my brother and some friends I realized how hard planning a group trip can be. From people canceling at the last minute, to disagreements on the locations, honestly it’s easier to just travel alone.
However, there are so many things to love about group trips. The rides, late night chatter, games, etc. With Christmas just few days away, I believe most of you are already thinking of traveling. 
Be it a trip with your family or friends, the following tips would definitely make your planning easier:
Confirm The Number Of People In The Group
This is the very first thing you need to do when planning a group trip. Get a comprehensive list of everyone who intends to go on the trip. It’s important to keep checking in with them to avoid disappointments. 
If you’re in a group and you know you will not be going for the trip anymore, it’s important you let others know on time. This will make their planning more effective. 
Pick A Leader
I think in most cases the leader is usually the one who comes up with the idea of the trip or someone who is familiar with the location or the members of the group can just appoint anyone to be the leader. 
The reason for having a leader is to ensure that the trip is properly organized.  He would be responsible for making sure all plans are in sync.  
Location And Accommodation 
The next step is to agree on the location(s) for the trip. You have to decide on the number of places you want to visit during the trip as well as the duration for every stop.
Arrangements should also be made for accommodation. The group members can pick a hotel online, pick their roommate(s) and reservations can also be made to avoid going to a hotel that’s fully booked.
Proper research should be done about where you’ll be staying  and every other place you intend to visit. This will give you an idea of what to expect. 
After picking the location(s), you need to find out the cost of transportation to and fro. Decide the means of transportation  (air, road). Everyone should be considered when picking the means of transportation.
Funds / Payment Plan 
It’s very important to know the kind of trip you’re planning to avoid making unplanned expenses. If it’s a luxury trip then you know you’re willing to splurge but if it’s a budget trip, you need to be more intentional with your choices.
The group members would decide whether or not their money for the trip will be given to The leader. In our case (my friends and I), we just made estimates of different expenses and went along with the money. I seriously advise you always travel with extra cash and make provisions for miscellaneous expenses.
Everyone in the group should be very open about their health condition. I once traveled with a friend that got sick on the road and it wasn’t funny at all. I couldn’t enjoy the trip because I had to keep checking up on her.
If you’re not quite sure about your health it’s best not to travel so you don’t make the trip less fun for others. For those who need certain pills or inhalers, make sure you always travel with them.
Bonus Tip- Just because you’re traveling as a group doesn’t mean you always have to be together. Every once in awhile you can split into smaller groups and socialize or do things that interest you.
If you’ve got some other tips please share in the comments

Compliments of the season to you all! Hope it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas wherever you are.


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  • beingmissmane

    These are very helpful tips… But shey me that to even leave my house to the shop a stone throw away will want to travel cha. Packing stuff and carrying load discourages me. And the part where you talked about checking health or informing others in group if you’ve got any health challenges is really important. One of the reasons y I don’t travel is cus of my health condition, I find it hard to breathe and imagine most times it ruins the whole fun for others. I really hope that someday I can go on such trips and have real fun. 😙

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