One Year Nappiversary 
Guess who’s been natural for one year? 😊 😊 😊

I wasn’t so sure of what I was doing when I cut my hair but I just knew I was tired of relaxers and having a scarred scalp everytime I retouch my hair. I got a lot of discouragement at first- people were always trying to tell me how hard it is to maintain natural hair, how it’s expensive to be natural and so on.
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The truth is I never got discouraged instead I tried to “study” my hair to know what works for me. I got some products and lucky enough for me I bought the WeNaturals Hemp Set which is like the holy grail for my hair. 

Being natural has been pretty easy for me. I don’t have a consistent hair regimen but I try to wash my hair once in two weeks or whenever I use a lot of product. I also wear wigs a lot so my hair is always twisted or in simple cornrows. I’ve been to the salon just five times this year because most of the stylists are impatient with natural hair and they are always too happy to recommend “good” relaxers 😐😐😐

I try to avoid any kind of comparison with another person’s journey because hair products and regimen that work for someone else might not work for me. For example, I’m not a fan of coconut oil. Once I try a new product and I don’t like it, I just stop. The worst thing you can do is to continue using products that are not good for your hair just because someone else is using them. I’ve never gotten a proper trim but I intend to do so soon. 
You can read about why I started my natural hair journey here

How long have you been natural and how’s the journey so far? Please leave a comment below 
Goodie. xoxo 


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