My festive giveaway wins
Most festive seasons are characterised by special decorations, music and lots of giveaways. I used to be very skeptical about online giveaways until 2016 when I entered quite a number of them and I actually won lovely items. 
The last festive season wasn’t any different. There were so many giveaways on instagram, twitter and other social media platforms. I was always very conscious of The rules because some of them can be very difficult to follow. So I entered The ones with pretty simple rules and I won lovely and useful items.
So like I promised to share in my last post, here are the items I got from amazing brands;
Pop Of Tees and Trippy Socks
My festive giveaway wins
My festive giveaway wins
I got a lovelyy pink t-shirt from popoftees_ng and socks from trippy_socks courtesy of Thebloggersadvocate. The good people of popoftees_ng were kind enough to also gift me a really cute sticky notepad. 
Oyin Lagos
My festive giveaway wins
I’m in love with this pair of dark green sandals from Oyin.lagos. What I love most about it is the fact that it also doubles as a cute pair of slippers when the buckle strap is removed.
Cult Gaia Ark Bag
My festive giveaway wins
Shout out to Larisa of Larisalefleur.com for giving me this really aesthetically pleasing handbag. I’ve been seeing this bag a lot on instagram and I’ve always wanted one so when I saw the giveaway post, I was ready to do anything to win.
Cassie Daves Blog Planner
My festive giveaway wins
I’ve always wanted to own the  cassiedavesblogplanner because apart from the really nice packaging, it has very useful pages. It’s nothing like your regular planner. It has pages to write down your monthly goals, post ideas, income and expenses, review of blog performance, etc. It also has a page with a schedule for sharing your posts on social media and 99 blog post ideas. What more could you ask for really? Thanks to Cassie of cassiedaves.com for making this lovely planner.
My festive giveaway wins
So I didn’t actually didn’t enter for this particular giveaway. My brother (@p.preye on instagram) did. He won and decided to give it to me. You can’t even imagine how excited I was. Their packaging, finishing and design is perfect. You can check them out on instagram @abaritm.
One thing I’m really happy about is the fact that almost all the items are from ‘Made in Nigeria’ brand owned by young entrepreneurs.
What do you think about online giveaways? Have you ever won anything online? kindly share in the comment section below

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