Travel Diary


Hey guys, Happy new month and welcome back to my blog. So last weekend I visited the Lekki Conservation Centre and the experience was amazing. 

When I got there, I was given two wrist bands which cost # 1000 each. One was an entrance fee while the other one was for the canopy walk. 

I had seen lots of pictures and videos of people crying on the canopy walk and that should have been enough discouragement for me but for some reason I still wanted to do the walk. I went with my brother so we were just talking, laughing and taking pictures while doing the walk. 

The tour guide showed us some other interesting part of the place.

The best part for me was climbing the tree house. It was a bit scary but the view from the top is to die for. 

I had so much fun and I would love to go there again sometime. 
Have you ever been there? Please share your experience in the comment section. 
Goodie. xoxo


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