Transitioning, Big chop and the Journey so far
Hey guys, welcome back. How are you doing and I hope everyone is enjoying the yuletide. Today I’ll be sharing the story behind my hair. I used to have long relaxed hair but

over the years I noticed a discoloration at the tip of my hair; It was almost red. I’ve always hated relaxers and I was always scared of relaxing my hair. There was this time I bought a fake/ expired relaxer (it wasn’t expired according to the date on it but we all know what our brothers can do) and the experience was crazy. So after the usual rubbing and massaging of the relaxer on my hair, it was time to wash it off but the relaxer refused to come off. The stylist used all the shampoo that came with the relaxer (it was a kit relaxer) and almost finished her own shampoo. After much struggling, we were able to wash it off but a major part of my hair went with the relaxer (I almost cried). After some months, my hair grew back but I was always reluctant to go to the salon to retouch my hair.
I finally made the decision to go natural after my scalp got seriously burnt by a relaxer (I still have scars from it); that was on the 23rd of December 2015. So after that day I started transitioning and it wasn’t so bad the first few months but it got harder to maintain later. Having two different textures of hair made caring for my hair very difficult, at first I was even confused about what part of the hair I should care for the most. I transitioned for about 8 months then I took the bold step to cut my hair.
My big chop was done on the 16th of August 2016. I had just gotten home from school for our summer break and the next day I went to the salon and that was it- hair gone!!!. After the chop my hair wasn’t so short because of the period of time i transitioned. For someone who was used to having long hair, it took a while for me to get used to my new look but after a while i accepted it more. I watched a lot of videos and read articles about managing natural hair and honestly it helped me a lot. My mum didn’t like the idea at all, in fact she’s the reason I waited so long.

2 weeks post big chop
I’ve been natural for about 5 months now and it’s been a journey filled with mixed feelings. I’ve been experiencing rapid growth but i’ve also been facing the issue of shedding (i’m always worried about the quantity of hair i see on the floor, mostly on wash days). *If you know a good solution to this problem, please send a message to my e-mail or just leave a comment, Thanks. It’s been 5 months of quite consistent washing, deep conditioning, twist outs and protective styling. One thing I love about being natural is the fact that it involves a lot of DIYs (I’m always ready to try new things with my hair) which helps me understand my hair better. There are some days i really appreciate going natural and there are those days i just want to shave everything off and remain bald, Lol.
5 months post big chop
 If you’d like me to share my hair regimen or products, just leave a comment. Also if you’re natural I’d love to hear/ read your story so go ahead and send a message or you can share in the comments. Thanks for your time, see you soon.
Goodie. xoxo


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