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Today is just Wednesday and honestly I’m already looking forward to the weekend. Hope everyone else is having a great week. This post is dedicated to everyone who likes traveling to new places and having fun. I’ll be sharing five (5) tips on how to plan a trip even on a tight budget. 
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In no particular order, here are five tips for planning a fun budget trip:
I used to hate group trips but lately I just discovered how helpful it is. When you travel in a group you’ll discover that most of the bills are splitted; from cab fares to even hotel bills (if you decide to share a room). As is common in every group ‘thing’, you might have moments where you’ll almost regret traveling in a group but your bank account will give you reasons to smile later. Members of the group could be your friends and maybe family members. I love traveling with my brother. 
Before embarking on any trip it is important to have useful information about the place. It makes settling in easier and faster. Before I travel to a new place I check out the place online – Instagram and Google. Sometimes I read blog posts about the place to get as much information as possible (transport fares, entrance fees, best restaurants around, interesting places to look out for, etc). 
This is probably one of the most important things to do when planning a trip. Draw out a very detailed plan showing:
– Trip Location: Make sure you get the address right and find out the best route to get to the place. 
– Funds Needed: Make estimates of how much you’ll need for the entire trip (transportation, food, souvenirs, shopping, etc) 
– Trip Period: Be sure of the number of days you want to spend for the trip. This would help when estimating how much you’ll need. 
– Places to Visit: Write down a list of all the places you want to visit and of course how much you plan to spend in the different places. 
It is important to exercise a level of self discipline when traveling. There are so many beautiful and interesting things that could be calling for your attention and money but make sure you stick to your plan. The whole purpose of doing the three things I mentioned earlier is for you to have fun while spending less. Spending extravagantly would defeat the whole idea behind having a “fun budget trip” because when you get back from that trip you’ll have lots of regrets. And that’s what you should be avoiding. That’s the reason for this post.

Everything one has a right to do is not best to be done – Benjamin Franklin

Last but certainly not least, try as much as possible to pack just what you’ll NEED for your trip. This would save you from paying for extra luggage. Also, moving around would be a lot easier (mostly when you have different locations for the trip).
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