Hey guys, welcome to my very first style post. This post should have been up sometime last week but I’ve been so busy with school work and some other things (my procrastinating self trying to make excuses). If you haven’t read the post on my last thrift finds you can do so by clicking here

I get a lot of compliments and questions  from my friends and some other people when I put on my most of my thrifted items and they’re  always surprised when I tell them the prices. I think most times, we forget that Pricey doesn’t always mean Quality. 

I always consider comfort when picking out my outfits and it’s so easy to slide in & out of this pinafore.


Sneakers – New Balance (thrifted)
Tank top- Thrifted
Pinafore – thrifted
Thanks for stopping by, I’d like to know what you think of this outfit so go ahead and leave comments (I really love it when you do).
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Goodie. xoxo.


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