Hello beautiful people. Hope everyone is having a good day. This post is specially dedicated to those who love slaying on a budget…hello sister girl!I didn’t like the idea of getting pre-loved clothing  items at first but i started appreciating it when i understood the art of thrifting (yes! its an art, *big grin*), also its a way to get some statement clothing items for less.I’m still not a pro yet but i’ve been able to acquire some really cool thrift items and i’d like to share my favourites with you, so here goes:

I got this New Balance sneakers during the Christmas holiday last year, it was quite pricey but i love it and its the only pair of sneakers i have right now. I’m currently doing a ‘shoe challenge’, so i have to get at least a pair of shoe every month.  I got this for #4000; I  think this is the most expensive thrift item i have right now.

This is my favorite shirt right now. I love the cupcake design (now i get to see cakes everyday, lol)  and i love the collar. I got it for #700.

I love backpacks and I already have quite a number. The day i got this bag, i actually went to the market for a different reason but i couldn’t resist the flowery details. I got this for #1500.

I’ve been searching for dungarees like forever (still searching tho), i got to the store and i saw this and even though its not exactly what i was looking for, i got it anyway plus the price wasn’t so bad (#800).

Another one *in dj khaled’s voice*. I’ve had this backpack for a while now and its still one of my favorite thrift items.  I love the quality of the leather,  the map design  and the size. I got this for #1500.
So that’s all for now, looking forward to my next thrift trip. Hopefully i’ll get the dungarees this time.
Have a nice day and i’ll see you soon.
Goodie. xoxo


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