Happy new month guys! You all are officially welcome to my month. My birthday is

in 12 days and even though i’m stressed because of exams and all, i’m still super excited!
I decided to start my month by answering some of the questions you sent and also some other random questions;
Who is your favourite best friend? 
My bro. He is older than me but we just understand each other  so well, I can tell him almost anything. We also complete each other’s sentences.
Any Phobias? 
As funny as it may sound, I dread injections. Trust me you don’t want to see the drama.
Loquacious people (always blabbing about nothing), Empty promises (if you won’t do it, don’t say it).
Ever been in a physical fight? 
Favorite color(s)?
Black and Purple
Favorite Quote?

What is life that makes you feel lonely… – Mama Goody

I know… Its as deep as it gets. Lol
Ever been in love?
Who inspires you? 
My parents
What is your favorite holiday? 
*deck the halls with… * I love Christmas
Who are your Favorite Blogger(s)?
There are a lot of bloggers i admire but my all time favorite is Bella of iambrownie.com
What is your favorite food? 
I don’t have any. Tbh i don’t consider myself a food person; i mean i eat as often as i can which is usually not so often.
Name one experience that has shaped you positively? 
Well i’m not going to start telling a story now but one thing i love is seeing young people achieve great things. I’ve had the privilege to be around a few and seeing them do good inspires me to do good.
What quality do you look for in a partner?
If you were to change anything about yourself, what would that be? 
Absolutely nothing
P. S for all those people that asked if I love them; Yes, i love you 😊
Like i said earlier, my birthday is coming up and i’m willing to accept gifts in any form, lol. I might also be hosting a giveaway on Instagram (@g.preye) so if you haven’t followed me already, please do so. Thanks
Goodie. xoxo


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