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I traveled with my bro and some friends to Tarkwa Bay, Lagos state last weekend. We actually went there because of the beach so we decided to stay in a hotel on the island. We had to take a boat at CMS as Tarkwa Bay is only accessible via water route.  

This was my first time on a boat and considering the fact that I can’t swim you can imagine how scared I was; In fact I’ve been in a pool just three times in my entire life. The boat ride cost 300 and took about 20 minutes. It wasn’t as scary as i had imagined though. The point I felt like fainting was when one man on the boat decided to enter another boat so we had to stop really close to the other boat, then he got up and started making his way to the other boat in the middle of the sea!! My head was already spinning. Really sorry I didn’t take good pictures on the boat. 

The hotel we stayed is called ‘Le Paradis Hotel and Resorts’. The place is really neat and the rooms are nice. They have rooms from 6000 to 7000. The rooms for 6000 have just air conditioners while the ones for 7000 have air conditioners and water heaters. I’d strongly recommend the room with water heater because it gets really cold and windy in the morning and at night. The village seem very peaceful and the people there are living pretty simple lives. They have quite a number of churches but I didn’t see any school or hospital, although one of my friends said he saw a school. 
After settling into our different rooms, it was time to get food. The hotel didn’t have any meal prepared as meals are made only on order. We were directed to a place we could get food and it took about ten minutes walk on an old rocky rail track to get there. Everyone was tired by the time we got there, you can imagine how we felt walking back to the hotel. After eating someone suggested going to the beach that night. At first no one was down with the idea but somehow we ended up at the beach almost 9pm. Everywhere was dark and all we could hear was the sound of the waves. We spent about 30 minutes there before heading back to the hotel. I was so thrilled at the sight of the waves and I was just waiting for morning so I could actually see it clearly.

We went to the beach around 11am the next day. We didn’t have to pay to enter the beach because we kinda entered from ‘the back’ because of the location of the hotel. 

We paid 1000 for our tent and 500 each for a seat. We had fun running from the waves, watching some people playing soccer and those surfing. 

Me winning a mini race competition 😊

The Complete Group

We took lots of nice pictures thanks to the two photographers in our midst and also those with good phones. 
My bro and I

One of my favorite couples ❤️

Another One ❤️

My brother had seen a picture of a lighthouse that was close to the beach on Instagram so we decided to look for it later in the evening. 

In the process of looking for the lighthouse, we ended up in a different beach called ‘Lighthouse Beach’. 

The beach was so windy and it has really fine sand. We didn’t see anyone there so I’m assuming it’s not exactly a commercial beach. We couldn’t get to the lighthouse though. We gave up after almost getting lost twice.  

We made a new friend on the beach. His name is Taye and he’s nine years old. He’s a cheerful little boy and quite chatty too. 

He showed us the way back to the jetty and also offered to help me with my bag when we were leaving. 

It was a fun experience and I really enjoyed my stay. 
Ever been to Tarkwa Bay? Please share your experience and let me know what you think of the place 
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